Some Reviews of Garry Kilworth's Books

His characters are strong and the sense of place he creates is immediate and strong. (Sunday Times)

THE SONGBIRDS OF PAIN is excellently crafted . . . Kilworth is a master of his trade. (Punch Magazine)

Arguably the finest writer of short fiction today, in any genre. (New Scientist)

SPIRAL WINDS: A subtle, poetic novel about the power of place - in this case the South Arabian Deserts - and the lure of myth. It haunted me long after it ended. (City Limits Magazine)

HUNTER'S MOON: The one talking-animal book you must read . . . a thrilling novel. (White Dwarf Magazine)

ABANDONATI: Full of hope, irony and despair and as moving in its understated way as Riddley Walker, the last post-apocalypse novel worth paying hard cash for. (Time Out Magazine)

WITCHWATER COUNTRY: Atmospherically overcharged like an impending thunderstorm. (The Guardian)

THE NIGHT OF KADAR: An utterly original and important work that promotes is author to the first rank . . . (Newsagent and Bookshop)

A THEATRE OF TIMESMITHS: A convincing display of fine talent. (The Times)

A British writer who shows great versatility and invention . . . Kilworth has a fertile, wideranging imagination. (Library Journal)

WITCHWATER COUNTRY: Garry Kilworth is a remarkable writer. (Knave Magazine)

CLOUDROCK: Kilworth [is] one of the most significant writers in the English language. (Fear Magazine)

HUNTER'S MOON: A rich and beautiful novel, uplifting, exciting . . . intelligent, quick and humorous, the positive praises flow forth unhindered when reading this splendid story. (Swedish Library Service).

THE DROWNERS: Kilworth achieves a great depth of emotion and storytelling. (Time Out)

IN THE COUNTRY OF TATTOOED MEN: The tales are haunting, often almost poetic, but still chilling. (Fantasy Zone - Martin Feekins)

IN THE COUNTRY OF TATTOOED MEN: . . . A masterpiece of balanced and enigmatic storytelling . . . Kilworth has mastered the form. (Times Literary Supplement.)

THE DROWNERS: . . . a gripping story, an array of memorable characters, a sense of period and community in prose that ripples with images from the waterlands. (Viewpoint - Melbourne University)

DARK HILLS, HOLLOW CLOCKS: Children who enjoy rich, evocative language will be well served here: some of Kilworth's (tales), as in the 'The Goblin Jag', are magnificent. (Times Ed. Supplement).

THE NAVIGATOR KINGS: His characters are both believably heroic and believably flawed; the complex culture of the Polynesians is admirably invoked and the interaction of the world and its gods and spirits is executed with a casual yet precise playfulness. (Paul J McAuley - Interzone Magazine).

A MIDSUMMER'S NIGHTMARE: The book's a delight - I love it!' (Fay Weldon - Mail On Sunday).

THE ROOF OF VOYAGING: An absolute delight, based on the myths and legends of the Polynesian peoples. (Mark Morris - SFX Magazine)

THE PRINCELY FLOWER: Kilworth's enthralling writing transforms myths into reality. (Sharon Gosling - SFX Magazine).

This is a great, great, great book. (Roger Swift - Black Tears)

LAND OF MISTS: Rich and detailed legends are woven with myth and fiction in this great fantasy. The final volume of a wonderful trilogy. (Aaron Baker -Black Tears)

A beautiful ending to an excellent saga. (Sharon Gosling - SFX Magazine)

SHADOW-HAWK: This book is wonderful, representing as it does, good fun without complications, and joy without debt. (David Mathew - Interzone Magazine).

A richly evocative tale (which) examines the cultural interpretation of myths and legends from both European and Borneo perspectives. (SFX Magazine)

VAMPIRE VOLES: This book is mostly exciting, with hardly an exceptions. (Tim, aged 13 - Cool Reads Magazine)

CASTLE STORM: This is a delightful book, the second in his series for children The Welkin Weasels. (Lesley Hatch - Vector Magazine).

SPIGGOT'S QUEST: The humour is at times delightfully topical and a nice touch. (Rachel A Hyde -

GASLIGHT GEEZERS: The characters are fascinating and the author weaves a fantastic and colourful image of life in the animal side of Welkin. (Sarah Hutchinson aged 12 - Young Adult Review News)

DARK HILLS, HOLLOW CLOCKS: One is left in no doubt about the quality of the writing or of Kilworth's talent . . . (Times Educational Supplement)

THE DEVIL'S OWN: Rip-roaring adventure at the time of the Crimean War . . . military history brought vividly to life. (Manchester Evening News)

THE SILVER CLAW: A gripping tale of intrigue and menance, plots and counterplots, set within the richness of a watery city . . . a must-read. (Teaching and Learning)

THE SILVER CLAW: a thrilling book of intrigue and dark plots. (Write Away!)

JIGSAW: Beautifully written and cleverly paced, Jigsaw brings the lost mix of desert islands and peculiar goings-on to a younger audience. Character interaction gives vital depth to a very satisfying thriller. (The Bookbag, 4th November, 2007).

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