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April 2020

Well, it’s been a while! Hopefully you have found plenty to do since the last update. Garry certainly did as he was a judge for the World Fantasy Awards and so had to read all the shortlisted entries. Not a task for the casual reader! Somehow he still found time to write and the result is a gorgeous new collection, called ‘Elemetal’.

These stories were born out of a discussion on themed collections with the Canadian writer Claude Lalumiere. They are diverse in every way except that each one of them has a metal element at its heart. 'The Maskmaker' was the first to be written, a story set in an early Venice and has gold as its theme. Silver comes next, but there follows tales of robots made of lead, cyborgs who are addicted to drinking mercury, aliens obsessed with shiny chromium, a nickel coin worth a fortune and many others. The tales end with a false element, Erifium, the metal from which the sword that St Michael wields against demons in the battle of Armageddon is fashioned.

Intrigued? You should be! 18 stories, all unique to this collection. The book is available in signed and unsigned jacketed hardcover editions here.

* * *

Right now Garry is writing a novella called ‘Blood Moon’, which is a werewolf tale with a twist: it’s about a wolf that turns into a man every full moon.

* * *

And finally, a heads up for those of you who have embraced the e-reader revolution. It’s well worth a browse on the Amazon store. Many of Garry’s older works have become available through the Gateway imprint, and there’s a good chance you’ll find a few gems you didn’t get to own in the old dead tree format. All very reasonably priced too.

February 2017

First of all, a recap. Since our last update there have been two books released. We had The Sometimes Spurious Travels through Time and Space of James Ovit, which marked Garry’s welcome return to science fiction novelising after a somewhat lengthy hiatus, and we had The Best Short Stories of Garry Kilworth, a fabulous collection of tales handpicked by Garry and his publisher, Infinity Plus. Picking 28 stories from a pool of over 150 published works would have been no easy task. Did your fave make the final cut?

* * *

Right now Garry is writing stories with titles that incorporate a metallic element. Just to whet your appetite, the tale about gold is set in Medieval Venice and has a mask maker who sprays his mask with golf flecks. However, over the years he has ingested some of the gold dust and his lungs have become lined with the precious metal, so that he walks heavily and needs two bodyguards to protect him on the way home from his workshop. There's a robot made of lead in another tale, a cyborg becomes addicted to sipping mercury in another and an emperor has his form cast in silver in order to obtain immortality. Hopefully our next update will bring news of the completion of this new and intriguing collection. See you then!

July 2016

Garry recently published a new short horror story, called Seducing the Angel. You can read it here at the rather excellent Crimson Streets webzine.

If you’re in the mood for something longer, you only have to wait a couple of months for The Sometimes Spurious Travels Though Time and Space of James Ovit. Yes, seriously. Garry’s first SF novel in about 25 years is called that. Admit it, though, it sounds immense fun, right?! The Sometimes Spurious Travels will be published by Infinity Press, who will also be bringing us a collection called The Best Short Stories of Garry Kilworth around the same time. So, something for everybody there, we think.

And the final bit of news for this update, poetry! Alchemy in Reverse, a slim collection (but of course!) of Garry’s poems will be published by PS Publishing. No firm release date on this yet but we’ll keep you posted.

Don’t forget you can always keep up-to-date between these updates by joining Garry on facebook, twitter and, best of all, his Wild Hares blog.

March 2015

We kick off this update with news of the strange and quirky Dog People, a collaboration between Garry and fellow author Peter Beere.

“Steven Roberts has problems with women. He also has problems with men. The only people he feels a true affinity with are the impassive squatters who move in with him, camping quietly and without fuss in a corner of his living-room. A situation which continues to their mutual advantage until a night of terrible drama and tragedy. Steven Roberts, a man bereft after the devastating loss of his wife and child in a car accident, embarks on an intense and moving personal odyssey. Seeking redemption. Seeking forgiveness. Seeking a way back to life.”

Dog People was actually written way back in the early 90s. Garry reread it recently and suggested he and Peter put it out themselves using Amazon’s CreateSpace platform, and we’re glad they did. Dog People treads unfamiliar territory for readers of Garry’s fantasy and historical fiction, but it’s a great read. Check out the five star reviews on the Amazon store page! Speaking of reviews, the Historical Novel Society really liked The Iron Wire. You can read their review here.

Meanwhile, looking ahead, Garry is making good progress on his next novel. He says, “I’m still writing my Anglo-Saxon saga, which is currently at 50k words. It’s a fantasy, the fantasy part being the Saxon gods and their belief in elves, dragons and giants.”

November 2014

Has it really been almost six months since we had an update? Our apologies to regular visitors. We hope you’ve been keeping abreast of Garry’s output via his presence on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and of course his blog, Wild Hares, where he shares the things that are close to his heart, such as his thoughts on the publishing biz, the performing arts, and some excellent photographs of wild birds he has taken while on his travels. You should bookmark it if you haven’t already done so.


Most recently, Garry’s labour of love, the long-awaited The Iron Wire has been published by Infinity Plus. This is an adventure set in 1870 based on factual events surrounding the establishing of the Overland Telegraph Line, which entailed running a wire from Adelaide to Port Darwin, a distance of  over 3000km that includes some of the most inhospitable terrain in the world. It’s a cracking adventure and already attracting praise from readers on Amazon as well as review blogs such as this one from Australian author Anna Tambour. Ms. Tambour concludes her review with: “The Iron Wire: A novel of the Adelaide to Darwin Telegraph Line deserves to take its place amongst Australian classics - and is a ripper of a read, anywhere.”

June 2014

Garry has revisited his account of the epic 2008 Australian motorbike trek and this is available to order from Amazon. Click here to order the latest edition of Rookie Biker in the Outback.

May 2013

Another month, another book. Garry has published an account of his 2008 trip across the arid expanses of Australia on a little Honda motorbike. Published in ebook form by Wild Hare Books, Rookie Biker in the Outback is now available for your Kindle and recommended reading for anyone who enjoyed Garry’s utterly charming autobiographical On My Way to Samarkand.


June will see the publication in paperback and ebook of The Fabulous Beast, which is, well, this is how the publisher Infinity Plus puts it:

A set of beautifully crafted tales of the imagination by a writer who was smitten by the magic of the speculative short story at the age of twelve and has remained under its spell ever since. These few stories cover three closely related sub-genres: science fiction, fantasy and horror. In the White Garden murders are taking place nightly, but who is leaving the deep foot-prints in the flower beds? Twelve men are locked in the jury room, but thirteen emerge after their deliberations are over. In a call centre serving several worlds, the staff are less than helpful when things go wrong with a body-change holiday. Three of the stories form a set piece under the sub-sub-genre title of 'Anglo-Saxon Tales'. This trilogy takes the reader back to a time when strange gods ruled the lives of men and elves were invisible creatures who caused mayhem among mortals. 

Garry Kilworth has created a set of stories that lift readers out of their ordinary lives and place them in situations of nightmare and wonder, or out among far distant suns. Come inside and meet vampires, dragons, ghosts, aliens, weremen, people who walk on water, clones, ghouls and marvellous wolves with the secret of life written beneath their eyelids.

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves, so we won’t try. The Fabulous Beast will be out in June, in paperback and ebook, price to be confirmed.

March 2013

It appears that the eagerly awaited film of Garry’s novel Attica is in production. Readers of these pages will know the rights to film the book were bought by Johnny Depp’s company Infinitum Nihil and it’s on their website that we now see the date 2014 alongside a picture of Attica. Anyone familiar with the movie industry will know that schedules can go awry, but this looks very promising indeed.


Garry's and Robert Holdstock's Poems, Peoms and Other Atrocities (PS Publishing) may be launched upon an unsuspecting world a little later than the forecast May, due to efforts of finding just the right artist for the cover art. Garry is delighted to be collaborating with his great friend once more. 'The power of Rob's anti-war poems shoulders the whole volume,' said Garry. 'I admire them greatly. We had some fun too, with our peoms - poems that dealt with more subjects in a more frivolous fashion - and I think the mix works well. See also Rob's website, revealing many more of the rich literary works that he left behind for our enjoyment'.


Infinity Plus, who have quite recently published several of Garry’s short stories in ebook and his wonderful autobiography, On My Way To Samarkand in paperback and ebook, are publishing another collection of Garry’s short stories. The Fabulous Beast will be out in May in paperback and electronic formats.


Garry’s long-time association with the Maggie Noach Literary Agency has come to an end as the agency is closing its doors to new submissions. Garry is now represented by Anthony Harwood.

December 2012

We have just learned that Garry’s autobiography, which was written chiefly for his family and future generations of Kilworths to enjoy, will be available to all of us! On My Way To Samarkand will be published by Infinity Plus and, better still, it will be available any day now. Just in time for Christmas! Here is the cover blurb to whet your appetite:

Garry (Douglas) Kilworth is a little-known but prolific writer who has travelled widely since childhood, living in a number of countries, especially in the Far East. His books include imaginative fiction, historical novels, literary novels, short story collections, children’s books and film novelisations.

This autobiography contains anecdotes about his farm worker antecedents and his rovings around the globe, as well as his experiences in the middle list of many publishing houses. The style is chatty, the structure loose — pole vaulting time and space on occasion — and the whole saga has no pretensions to be anything other than a dislocated ramble though a 1950s childhood, foreign climes and the genre corridors of the literary world.

On My Way To Samarkand

You’ll be able to get it as a trade paperback and ebook, priced at around £10 and £3 respectively, from Amazon UK and Infinity Plus Books.


Garry remains as busy as ever. He is thoroughly enjoying writing Telegraph Road, his account of the constructing of the Adelaide Overland Telegraph. We also have it on good authority that the collection of poetry he co-authored with the late Robert Holdstock, Poems, Peoms and Other Atrocities, is scheduled for release by PS Publishing in May 2013.

And finally, take a peek at the forthcoming Bibliotheca Fantastica from Dagan Books. Edited by Claude Lalumiere and Don Pizarro, it features a new short story by Garry called Pages Torn from the Secret Atlas.

September 2012

Apologies for the lack of news updates over the past two months. First there was the Euro 2012 tournament, and then there was the glorious Olympics 2012 . . . not that Garry has slacked off. He's been working on a project that may surprise many. He says, "I'm ten thousand words into a mainstream novel on the Australian Overland Telegraph (1871) from Adelaide to Darwin. It's something that's close to my heart, since I've had close ties with Australia for many years and I was a telegraphist myself for 18 years." Well, colour us intrigued!


Garry has also completed three Anglo-Saxon fantasies. These are adult short stories and will be illustrated, quite possibly, by a world renowned artist. Hopefully we will be able to reveal more about the artist and his work next month as well as having some concrete information on a publishing schedule. Watch this space.

April 2012

Fans of Garry’s shorter works have three reasons to be cheerful, with the news that he has recently sold Chasing Gaia to PS Publishing, The Fabulous Beast to Guy Adams, editor of the annual British Fantasy Association anthology, and Pages Torn from the Secret Atlas to Dagan Books’ forthcoming Bibliotheca Fantastica.

No definite dates for publication, but as soon as we have something concrete we’ll let you know. Meanwhile we will just have to make do with those delicious titles.


At the time of writing, the second issue of the free e-mag Ultimate Adventure is due to hit the virtual magazine stands, so be sure to check it out for the second instalment of Garry’s Pom on a Postie, his account of riding a Honda 110cc motorbike across the Australian Outback.

January, 2012

The first of Garry's Infinity Plus Singles is out now. The Sculptor is available from Amazon or Smashwords, with Memories of the Flying Ball Bike Shop and The Making of the Making of the Fitzcarraldo to follow shortly. The full catalogue of what is currently available in the Infinity Plus Singles range can be viewed here.


The Templars were a fascinating order of knights. If you are at all interested in the Knights Templar, then you should read Winter's Knight by Richard Argent, which is a fascinating novel of the rite of passage of a young man on a spiritual and physical journey into templar knighthood.


Pom on a Postie! is the first instalment of Garry's exciting account of riding a Honda 110cc motorbike across the Australian Outback, an adventure he undertook in 2008. It appears in issue one of Ultimate Adventure, an e-magazine you can read in your web browser or, if you prefer, it can be downloaded to your Kindle (free for a limited time only). For full details, go to the Ultimate Adventure website.

November, 2011

Infinity Plus, who recently produced a collection of Garry's short stories – Phoenix Man – have plans to make some of his stories available on their own. And not just Garry's, there are stories by several other authors you may have heard of. Infinity Plus Singles are ideal if you fancy a quick fix on your Kindle or wish to sample an author's work. Garry's stories available to buy as singletons will be The Sculptor, The Making of the Making of the Fitzcarraldo and Memories of the Flying Ball Bike Shop.


Garry's account of his ride over the Queensland Outback on a postie bike – a little Honda 125 – is to be serialised in the forthcoming online magazine Ultimate Adventure. You can read a little about the magazine here. Click on the 'about' and 'submissions' buttons. They also have a Facebook page so you can friend them, show your support and receive regular updates.

September, 2011

Garry has a new short story out in October, courtesy of House of Fear, an anthology edited by Jonathan Oliver and published by Solaris Books. The story is called Moretta and it's in some very good company, the TOC featuring stories from the likes of Sarah Pinborough, Joe R Lansdale, Lisa Tuttle, Christopher Priest, Tim Lebbon and more. You can read about it here.


Garry has been busy these past few months telling his life story. For a long time he has wanted to write an autobiography/family history for his children and future generations of Kilworths, and now he's done just that. On My Way to Samarkand will be printed in limited numbers for Garry's family and friends to enjoy. There may be spare copies available, but nothing is certain yet. Watch this space!

April, 2011

Recent years have seen some great collections of Garry’s short fiction, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that all his short stories must have been published in single-author volumes by now. Not so. Phoenix Man: 13 Eclectic Tales features no less than five new stories, and is available as an ebook from such digital retailers as Smashwords and Amazon for around $2.99 or £2.20!

March, 2011

Sebastian Early, hero of Scarlet Sash, is back in a new hardback book published by Severn House, entitled Dragoons.

South Africa, May 1879. Ensign Sebastian Early of the 24th Foot is warming to his role as the Provost-Marshal in the British army encampment at Landman's Drift. So, when an unidentified corpse turns up in camp after a reported hunting accident and is hurriedly buried, he resolves to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Sebastian quickly discovers that the man, a lieutenant, was in fact killed in an illegal duel, which means that his death should be treated as manslaughter, or even murder. However, his attempts to find the perpetrators are continually thwarted when the officer classes close ranks behind a gentlemen’s code.

As the army prepares to march on the Zulus, Sebastian must find a way to break through the wall of silence before the trail goes cold . . .

Dragoons is now available from all good bookshops (and probably a few bad ones too). Recommended retail price, £19.99.

November, 2010

The big news this month is that Warner Bros have 'exercised their right' to begin filming on Garry's novel Attica. No news yet on casting or a release schedule, but we're keeping a close eye on the IMDB website.


In slightly-less-big news, unless you live in those parts of the world, The Hundred-Towered City has sold to Indonesia and Russia. That time-travelling Matchless 500 motorbike is certainly travelling far and wide!

October, 2010

Garry was a Guest of Honour at this year's Fantasycon, which took place at the Britannia Hotel, Nottingham.

He says, "Fantasycon was great.  Haven't been to a con for years and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Went on several panels, signed a few books, met old friends some of whom I haven't seen in an age.  Pete and Nicky Crowther had organised a launch for 'Fragrant Harbour' for me, for which I thank them.  I also collected a Lifetime Achievement Award for Rob Holdstock, to pass on to his partner Sarah, which I was very pleased to do."

For those of you who like to plan well ahead, next year's Fantasycon will be at the Royal Albion Hotel, Brighton, on the weekend of September 30th–October 2nd.


The title for Garry's next novel will be Dragoons and sees the welcome return of Ensign Sebastian Early, the young hero of Scarlet Sash. Set during the second invasion of Zululand, Seb will be investigating the murder of a dragoon officer, who has been forced into a duel, he being a witness to an earlier atrocity by a secret society of officers known as a 'ring'.

There is as yet no release date, but keep coming back. You'll read it here first!

August, 2010

New from PS Publishing, the Hong Kong-inspired Tales from the Fragrant Harbour is a must for any fan of Garry’s short stories. Look at this mouth-watering TOC: 

Chandler’s Coffin / Shoot-out in the New Territories / The Snake-man Cometh / Moon day / Face / Children of the Volcano / Walking Caged Birds / Triads / The River-sailor’s Wife / Inside the Walled City / The Hungry Ghosts / The Dragon Slayer / The Cave Painting / Island with the Stink of Ghosts / Love Child / Snake Dreams / Waiting by the Corpse / Mirrors

Lots of previously unpublished stories there, as well as some that even the most dogged collector would be hard-pressed to track down.

Tales from the Fragrant Harbour is dedicated to Garry’s long-time friend and sometimes collaborator, Robert Holdstock, who sadly died in November 2009. Garry is currently working on a volume of poetry — half by him, half by Robert — called Poems, Peoms and Other Atrocities. It is scheduled for release in 2011 from PS Publishing’s Stanza Press imprint.

July 1st, 2010

June saw the launch of Requiems for the Departed, an anthology of new crime stories based on Irish mythology. Garry's contribution is a retelling of a fable revolving around Queen Macha, called Hats Off to Mary. Requiems for the Departed is available from The Book Depository, Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as several selected bookstores in the UK. A limited number of hardcovers, priced at a very reasonable £12.99 plus p&p will be available soon, which you can order directly from the publisher Morrigan Books.


Garry will be a guest of honour at FantasyCon 2010 at the Britannia Hotel in Nottingham, September 17-19. Other GOHs include Lisa Tuttle and Bryan Talbot. These events are always well attended by writers, artists, publishers, booksellers and, of course, readers, so it's a good idea to book early! For more information, please visit the official FantasyCon 2010 website.


To be launched at the above convention is the long-awaited Tales from a Fragrant Harbour, a collection of short stories written during Garry's time in Hong Kong. Published by PS Publishing, the book will be available in two formats: a jacketed hardcover, priced £20, and a signed, traycased and jacketed hardcover for £50. Click on the links to read more and pre-order your copy. The cover is by the award-winning artist, Vincent Chong.

June 26th, 2010

Garry writes: "Since I have a new website manager in my friend Lloyd Butler, and indeed a new website address, due to the fact that the domain holders of wanted £900 for me to continue using it, I have decided to revert to the first person for this newsy bit. So, here we go! Next year, 2011, Stanza Books (an imprint of PS Publishing) is bringing out a dual volume of poems by Robert Holdstock and myself entitled 'Poems, Peoms and Other Atrocities'. The book was conceived while Rob was still alive and worked on loosely by both of us. I like to think he would be chuffed to bits that it's now going to come to fruition. He chose the title by the way, and I'm happy with it too. At the moment I'm just finishing the second Anglo-Zulu war novel, entitled 'Dragoons' (The first was 'Scarlet Sash' (Severn House Books) and of course involved the battles of Rorke's Drift and Isandlwana). The hero is Seb Early, an ensign in the 24th Foot, who is reluctantly given the post of Provost-Marshal and told to solve major crimes within the army while the war is in progress. Of course he makes a thorough nuisance of himself with the senior staff while at the same time fighting those colonial wars we were so fond of in the 19th Century. Still no more news on the film of 'Attica' which Johnny Depp purchased for his film company. A script has been written, a director has been chosen, but nothing further since April 2009. Ah me, the vagaries of the movie business."

March 27th, 2010

Garry’s newest historical war novel 'Scarlet Sash' has now been published by Severn House. Set during the Anglo-Zulu Wars of 1879, it concerns a young officer who is made Provost-Marshal of Lord Chelmford’s invading army. The 'Provo' is responsible for investigating serious crimes such as murder and grand theft. Ensign Sebastian Early makes a thorough nuisance of himself, annoying generals and getting in the way of the war, with his police work.

December 13th, 2009

'"The best of fantasy writers and the best of friends sadly died in the early hours of Sunday 29th November, 2010. Robert Holdstock was a mainstay of many writers as well as readers. He was bighearted, generous with his praise, affable - a great and lovely man - and he wrote wonderful fantasy and science fiction. His seminal work was Mythago Wood and for those who haven't read it, go out and find a copy and your following hours will be full of amazement. I shall miss Rob desperately. So will many others."


November 12th, 2009

Garry’s The Hundred-Towered City was a runner up when the Catalyst Award was presented at Motherwell Concert Hall on October 8. The winner was Theresa Breslin, author of Nostradamus Prophecy.


In the event that the Maggie Noach Literary Agency did not fold as expected after the death of its founder, Garry has decided to return to the agency which has represented him for 25 years. He has thanked the Caroline Sheldon Agency for looking after his work in the interim period.

August 1st, 2009

More news on La Belle Dame Sans Grace, the short story Garry sold to a British Fantasy Society anthology. The book -- a hardcover -- will be the first in a series of exclusive, annual anthologies. The other nineteen contributors are James Barclay, Allyson Bird, Andrew Cartmel, Mark Chadbourne, Christopher Fowler, Gary Fry, Tim Lebbon, Steve Lockley, Juliet E McKenna, Gary McMahon, Mark Morris, Adam L G Nevill, Daniel O’Mahony, Sarah Pinborough, Nicholas Royle, Robert Shearman, Steve Volk, Kaaron Warren and Conrad Williams.

The only way to own a copy is by being a member of the British Fantasy Society. It is given away exclusively to members and will never appear for sale. Membership is £30.00 a year for UK residents. Please visit where you can pay by cheque or online via PayPal.


Also this month, Garry tells us that Heyne, a German publisher, will be publishing his novels Angel and Archangel in an omnibus edition.

June 7th, 2009

Garry has recently sold two short stories, both previously unpublished. The first is La Belle Dame Sans Grace to a forthcoming British Fantasy Society anthology edited by Guy Adams. The second is Hats Off to Mary, which has sold to an Irish crime anthology scheduled for a 2010 release from Morrigan Books.

In other news, Time Warner have renewed the film rights to Attica.

March 17th, 2009

Garry’s The Hundred-Towered City has been shortlisted for the Lanarkshire ‘Catalyst’ Book Award. The winner will be announced at an awards ceremony at the Motherwell Concert Hall on October 8th 2009. You can read Garry’s reaction, and those of the other three shortlisted authors, here.

December 5th, 2008

Great news for those of us mourning the end of the Jack Crossman novels! Garry has been commissioned by Severn House to write two books set in the Zulu Wars of 1879. Garry says, “The main hero is Ensign Early, a young inexperienced officer who is given the job of 'policeman' for the British Army in Africa. His title is Provost Marshall and in the first book he's trying to solve a murder while the war is going on, to the irritation of generals and important people who 'just want to fight the war'. It's the beginnings of the Military Police. He ties a red sash around his shoulder to distinguish himself as a policeman (which later became the red cap). A detective story set on the battlefields of Zululand. First title, Zulu Wars: The Scarlet Sash.”

October 20th, 2008

Garry has checked in to explain why he's been quiet of late: he's only been riding a Honda 110cc motorbike across the Australian Outback!

"It was a truly amazing 11 day experience. Most of the ride took place in the Outback where the bush seemed to stretch out forever on all sides, while the sky was immense, with white clouds sometimes 100 miles long. Broken white trees, rocky outcrops and dwarf shrubs hid a few kangaroos and hawks, but little else out there. And very hot. The motorbikes were wonderful machines - robust Honda 110s which the Australian postmen use to get to the Outback sheepstations. The tracks were tough, sometimes with hardbaked horizontal corrugations 3 inches deep which went on for 200kms. Any other machine would have been shaken to bits. The ride was quite gruelling and there's stuff on the tracks called 'bull dust' like red talcum powder which builds into dust bowls and the bike 'aquaplanes' if you don't see it in time. I came off 4 times in all, but only once at speed. Came away with cuts and bruises only, though we lost four riders out of 50 to broken bones. I did wonder what I was doing there once or twice and wished myself back home, especially when I got sick with a stomach bug and had 300 ks of track to go to the end of the day. Most evenings we'd arrive exhausted to put up our one-man tents, eat supper, fix any mechanical problems with the machine, then fall instantly asleep, only to wake to kookaburras and yet another astonishing dawn at 5.30 am and start off again. There were touches of humour. Every mile or so one would pass a creek - 'Johnson's Creek' or 'Swagman's Creek'. When we passed 'Christmas Creek' two thousand ks out in the desert, someone had left it decorated with tinsel. I'm glad I did it. I would not do it again."

* * *

In other news this month, Garry’s short story, Atlantic Crossing, is out now in issue 15 of Postscripts magazine. As it is a special Worldcon issue, there are three formats to choose from, ranging from the standard hardback (in place of the normal paperback) up to the deluxe signed slipcased edition. You can find out more and purchase a copy here.

May 5th, 2008

Garry won the first ever Charles Whiting Award for Literature with his 2007 novel, Rogue Officer. The presentation was made by Charles Whiting’s widow and the Mayor of Stratford on Sunday the 20th April at the Stratford International Festival of Literature.

Rogue Officer is available anywhere good books are sold, priced £18.99.

Fancy Jack Crossman’s adventures continue in June 2008 with The Kiwi Wars, now available to pre-order from Amazon. You can view the cover there too.

Captain ‘Fancy Jack’ Crossman has been sent to New Zealand, where the Maori Wars are in progress. His remit is to map the bush country and to set up a network of spies. During conflict he finds that the Maori are an honourable and formidable enemy. However, nefarious Europeans are at work, enriching themselves as land agents. Jack becomes entangled with one of these agents, the brother of his lifetime burden Private Harry Wynter, and is in danger of being sucked down into a morass of evil affairs. When the final revelation comes, Jack realises just how heinous these crimes are, and he must hunt down and destroy these monstrous elements...

April 14th, 2008

The next big event for Kilworth fans is near. The Hundred-Towered City will be out in less than three weeks in hardcover. Amazon has a good deal on at the moment – they’re offering it at over a third off the cover price. Have you ordered yours yet?

What awaits Jack, Annie and Davey when they are transported back in time to the gothic city of Prague, to search for their missing parents? Trying to avoid capture by the secret police, they find themselves running through dark and dangerous cobbled streets and meet some very shady characters. Where are their parents and who has stolen the key to the time machine? Alchemists, mythical creatures and a man with a hook for a hand hold the answers they're looking for. Will our young heroes be in time to save their parents from eerie Karlstein Castle? And even if they do, how will they return to the present day without the key?

March 17th, 2008

'Fancy Jack' Crossman's seventh outing, Rogue Officer, has been shortlisted for the Charles Whiting award for 'Wartime Adventure Novel'.

Garry says, "Also I have been invited as a guest author to speak at the International Festival of Literature at Stratford-on-Avon 17-20th April, 2008. I'll be going of course and doing a talk on the myths of the battlefield."

March 1st, 2008

Garry's excellent teenage fantasy Jigsaw came out as a mass-market paperback in February. are offering a tempting discount.

The last book in the 'Fancy Jack' Crossman series, the eagerly awaited Kiwi Wars, is scheduled for a June release in hardcover from Severn House. 224 pages of historical action based on the Maori wars of the 1860s.

But before that, of course, we have The Hundred-Towered City to look forward to. Garry's next YA fantasy will be out in hardback and paperback, courtesy of ATOM books on the 1st of May.

Meanwhile, Fourtold, a collection of novellas by Michael Stone that features a superb foreword by Garry is now available in hardback from Baysgarth Publications. It will be available on Amazon soon.

February 1st 2008

Garry has finished The Kiwi Wars, which takes Jack Crossman to New Zealand to fight in the Maori Wars. It is scheduled for a mid- to late-2008 release in hardcover from Severn House.

He recently conducted an excellent interview with a French fantasy & sf site you might be interested in reading. You can find it here.

December 6th 2007

Garry has a new story out, called Alien Embassy. It appears in A Science Fiction Omnibus, edited by the esteemed Brian Aldiss and published by Penguin. Click here for more details.

November 2nd, 2007

Garry's next book, The Hundred-Towered City, will be out in May 2008, published by Atom. You can pre-order and see the gorgeous and atmospheric cover, which will be the same for the hardback as the paperback, at Amazon.

When a stranger from the past arrives in the middle of the night with shocking news, Jack, Annie and Davey are catapulted into the wildest adventure they've ever had. Their parents have been arrested on suspicion of being spies. Not only in a different country but in a different time: Prague, 1903.The children travel back in time and find themselves face to face with danger, mystery and the magic of a strange place. Will they be in time to save their parents who are prisoners in sinister Karlstein Castle? The Hundred-Towered City will take you on a thrilling adventure through time. But will you come back...?

Garry has also written and sold another brilliant short story, this time to The First Humdrumming Book of Horror Stories. It's called Sacrificial Anode and promises to take you to Heaven and back. Seriously. The book can be purchased at Amazon or directly from the publishers, Humdrumming, for £6.99.

September 12th, 2007

The good news is Garry has just sold a collection of short stories to PS Publishing entitled TALES FROM THE FRAGRANT HARBOUR, subtitled, Stories of Hong Kong and the Far East.

It'll consist of two parts:
Once-Told Tales (general fiction stories with no supernatural element)
Twice-Told Tales (sf, fantasy and horror stories)

The bad news is the book is not scheduled for release till 2009. To make the wait even harder to bear, Garry tells us few of the Once-Told Tales have been published.

August 2nd, 2007

With the newly released 'Rogue Officer' garnering favourable notices, Garry reports, "The last Crossman book is under the pen. It's called 'Kiwi Wars' and is about the Maori wars of the 1860s. The Maoris loved fighting almost as much as the British, so it's a pleasure to write."

'Kiwi Wars' will be released by Severn House -- in hardback format -- in 2008.


In other news this month, Initial Entertainment have renewed the film rights to 'Attica'. No news yet though as to when it will go into production.

July 7th, 2007

The cover to Rogue Officer is now available to view at

June 11th, 2007

Severn House Publishers have a treat in store for fans of historical war fiction -- the seventh book featuring our highborn hero, 'Fancy Jack' Crossman!

The Indian Mutiny has almost run its course. Lieutenant Jack Crossman finds himself plagued by one Captain Deighnton, and the roots of Deighnton's animosity appear to run deep. When Jack is abducted following the Battle of Bareilly, and accused in his absence of desertion, he has to fight to clear his name – only to find Deighnton waiting for yet another, perhaps final, duel . . .

Rogue Officer will be a 224 page hardback, priced at £18.99 in the UK. are offering a small discount on pre-orders. The book is also listed at and


In the Country of Tattooed Men and Other Cyphers and Moby Jack and Other Tall Tales have both been nominated for Best Collection in the British Fantasy Society Awards. The Awards will be presented at the annual FantasyCon in September.


Garry has turned in a two-page foreword for a collection of novellas by Michael Stone. The collection, called Fourtold, will be available in September from Baysgarth Publications. As well as a paperback edition retailing for "less than a tenner", there will be a limited number of signed hardcopies available for £18 plus postage. For more information, or to pre-order, you can contact the author here.

May 5th, 2007

The waiting is over, Jigsaw is available from your nearest book emporium. If you're not feeling energetic and would prefer to have it delivered, you can order it here. Amazon are offering it with a generous 34% discount too.

Garry has handed ATOM books the finished manuscript for his next YA fantasy adventure. This has been referred to on these pages as Kafka's Motorbike, but the title is back to its original Hundred-Towered City. Expect to see H-TC in print early 2008.

After a long association with the late Maggie Noach, Garry's new agent is the highly respected Caroline Sheldon Literacy Agency.

April 8th, 2007

Only one month to go before the release of Garry's next novel, Jigsaw. Go here to check out the fantastic cover and to pre-order.

And just to whet your appetite:

April 29th: Krantu is a good way off the coast of Sarawak, a Malaysian island. No one lives on Krantu anymore and it'll soon sink into the sea.

May 2nd: This is just like when I went on digs. Dad is up to his eyeballs in work.

June 4th: ...He put the edges of the scrolls near to each other. What happened next made me jump backwards, my heart pounding.

July 5th: I'm not sure what happened. The bright beam of the torch was shining directly into a huge pair of eyes ...Whatever had been caught in my torch beam had crashed through the flimsy wall of the shed and stampeded into the rainforest beyond it.

At first, Max's diary seems like any other entry on a teenager's blog but closer reading reveals an incredible adventure story. As the reader absorbs the strange events that unfold, Max and those around him are drawn deeper and deeper into danger. Surrounded by spies and pirates, Max makes a terrible discovery -- a secret that could change the world for ever...

February 25th, 2007

Garry has written and sold two more short stories. Alles in Ordnung is a science fiction piece that will appear in a forthcoming Daw Books anthology called We Think, Therefore we Are, a collection of stories about robots and artificial intelligence.

Atlantic Crossing is a skewed alternative world story where the science of walking on water has done away with the need for boats. This will appear in a future issue of Postscripts magazine.

We are losing count of the languages Garry's fantasy novel Attica has been translated into. It just sold to Lithuania.

January 20th, 2007

Writing for Locus Online, Claude Lalumiere has chosen Garry's Moby Jack and Other Tall Tales from PS Publishing as his favourite book of 2006!

"Ever since reading Garry Kilworth's collection The Songbirds of Pain in the 1980s, one of my favorite short-story collections ever, I've been a devoted fan of his short fiction. It was with great anticipation that I read the author's first major collection in many years, Moby Jack and Other Tall Tales. I was not disappointed. Kilworth's versatile skill at navigating between genres, his outré imagination, his deft and evocative handling of the exotic, his keen insights into human behavior, his affecting ability to inhabit and communicate an impressive breadth of perspectives across cultural and gender spectrums, and, finally but certainly not least, his deliciously elegant prose, all combine to present a selection of stories whose diversity, originality, and poignancy leave me breathless with awe. Moby Jack and Other Tall Tales stands as my favorite book of 2006."

Read Claude's full review here.

3rd December, 2006

Just to whet your appetite, here's the synopsis to Garry's next book, Jigsaw:

At first, Max Sanders's diary seems like any other entry on a teenager's blog but closer reading reveals an incredible adventure story... James Sanders is a professor of history who becomes obsessed by the need to recover the long-sundered hide of a fantastical creature, its separate parts strewn in sacred sites and hidden temples throughout the world. James and his two sons are unprepared for the wonders that will unfold once they recover the whole, or for the terrors that await them on a tiny tropical island, soon to be lost to the sea. As the strange events unfold, Max and those around him are drawn deeper and deeper into danger. Surrounded by spies and pirates, Max makes a terrible discovery - a secret that could change the world for ever...

Jigsaw will be out 4th May, 2007.

On a sadder note, Garry tells us: "November 2006 saw the untimely death of my literary agent, Maggie Noach, who has been my friend and guide in the bewildering world of bookselling for 26 years now. I read about her passing in a cyber cafe in Hong Kong and shocked the Chinese youths playing video games with my emotional outburst. I know I shall miss her enormously and still can't believe she's gone, which may be partly due to the fact that I'm temporarily in Australia where everything feels unreal to me. Maggie was tenacious with a book she thought worthy and would not rest until she found it a publisher. I fear I shall not see her equal again."

3rd November 2006

Hey, a date has been set for Garry's next book: May 4th will see Atom publish the teen fantasy Jigsaw. The hardcover is already available to preorder on Amazon UK. Also coming out around that time will be the mass market paperback of Attica. And, as if that wasn't enough, Garry is currently writing Kafka's Motorbike (formerly The Hundred-Towered City), which will be available from Atom in 2008.

Just a quick note to tell you that the recent collection Moby Jack and Other Tall Tales is still available in both its delectable (and very collectable) signed formats at PS Publishing, while In the Country of Tattooed Men and Other Cyphers is still priced at a very generous £9.99 with free postage within the UK from Humdrumming Ltd.

October 3rd, 2006

This month, Garry reports that :-

"Brian Aldiss, on writing the foreword to the In The Country of Tattooed Men and Other Cyphers saw that one of the stories Alien Embassy had not yet appeared anywhere. He was at the time collecting stories for the next Penguin Omnibus of Science Fiction due out next year and recommended the story to Penguin, who subsequently bought it. Thank you, Brian.

"Last month an Australian filmmaker called Simon David Hunter sent me an email saying he had been reading my work since the age of 10 (a double-edged compliment to one who still feels 28) and was interested in making an animated film of my first story Let's Go To Golgotha. It will be a 22 minute version for which he has secured the artist David Russell, conceptual artist for Narnia, Return of the Jedi, Terminator 2, to be the animation director. There will be other sf animations, including one or two of Harlan Ellison's, but Simon did say he was considering Golgotha for the pilot."

6th September 2006

Hot on the heels of Moby Jack and Other Tall Tales (available now from PS Publishing), is a stunning new collection from Humdrumming Ltd.

In the Country of Tattooed Men and Other Cyphers collects over 30 of Garry's short stories -- including two previously unpublished -- and a new foreword from Brian Aldiss. This volume effectively combines a large part of Garry's original collections -- such as In the Country of Tattooed Men, Hogfoot Right and Bird-Hands and In the Hollow of the Deep Sea Wave -- with newer, uncollected works. Incidentally, when Brian Aldiss read this collection, prior to writing the foreword, he snapped up 'Alien Embassy' for a 2007 anthology he is editing.

In the Country of Tattooed Men and Other Cyphers book goes on general sale on the 25th of September, priced at £12.99. However, for a limited time only, orders are being taken at £9.99 with free shipping direct from the Humdrumming website.

Here is the table of contents: Truman Capote's Trilby: the Facts / In the Country of Tattooed Men / Surfing, Spanish Style / Island With The Stink of Ghosts / Alien Embassy / Triptych: The Black Wedding, Murderers Walk, Hogfoot Right and Bird hands / The Stray / Filming the Making of the film of the making of Fitzcarraldo / The Men's Room / The Green Man Tennis Club / Feral Moon / Dop*elgan*er / Murders In The White Garden / The River Sailor's Wife / 1948 / Fossil / Usurper / Networks / The Thunder of The Captains / Hobblythick Lane / Giant / Beyond Byzantium / Spiral Sands / On the Watchtower at Plataea / The Glory of the Seas / The Wall / Memories of the Flying Ball Bike Shop / X-Calibre / The Human's Child / Phoenix Man / Bronze Casket for a Mummified Shrew-Mouse / Blood Orange

3rd August 2006

Good news for fans of historical war novels: Severn House have commissioned books seven and eight in the ongoing Crossman series. The first of these will be called Single-shot Pistol, which will complete 'Fancy Jack' Crossman's adventures in India. The second book, as yet untitled, will transport Jack to another troubled hotspot. Both books will be released in hardcover format.

Single-shot Pistol is scheduled for release early 2008.

3rd July 2006

At the end of June, as a past winner (The Electric Kid in 1995) Garry was invited to the 20th Anniversary of the Lancashire Children's Book Award. At dinner he sat next to Robin Jarvis, the author of the popular Deptford Mice, Wyrd Museum and Whitby Witches books. Garry said of Robin: "His novels are quite dark but he was a sunny sort of bloke and I think we got on well." Also present were Tim Bowler (author of River Boy) and Anthony Horowitz, whose Alex Cord books have just hit the big screen.

There were several speeches by dignitaries, Garry reports, and yet more interesting ones by the kids who judge the award.

5th June 2006

The splendid cover to the forthcoming Moby Jack and Other Tall Tales is available to view at PS Publishing. The painting is The Tower of Babel by the 16th Century Flemish artist Abel Grimmer. Garry selected it himself.
The book should be out June/July and can be preordered directly from the publishers, with payment accepted by personal cheque, credit cards or even Paypal. Postage is a generous £2 in the UK or $5 for Airmail overseas.

Attica continues to spread its dusty timbers around the world. Recent translations are Greek, Turkish and Thai. That makes a total of nine translations since it's UK release in March!

4th May 2006

Garry has a new short story out, called 12 Men Born of Woman. It is in issue six of the highly regarded 'Postscripts' magazine, edited by Peter Crowther and published by PS Publishing. It is also worth noting that PS Publishing still have copies available--in soft and hardcover format--of issue 3, which contains Garry's story Murders in the White Garden.

3rd April 2006

Moby Jack And Other Tall Tales, the collection of short stories from PS Publishing, is scheduled for release June 2006. The collection features an introduction, entitled Around the World in Eighty Books, Travels with G. D. Kilworth esq. by Robert Holdstock. The stories are as follows: The Sculptor; Black Drongo; Bonsai Tiger; Attack of the Charlie Chaplins; Cherub; The Council of Beasts; The Frog Chauffeur; Hamelin, Nebraska; Hunter's Hall; Something's Wrong with the Sofa; Exploding Sparrows ; Death of the Mocking Man; Wayang Kulit; Inside the Walled City ; My Lady Lygia; Oracle Bones; Paper Moon; Store Wars; The Megowl; The Silver Collar; and, of course, Moby Jack.

"The Sculptor showcases Garry Kilworth's deftness at evoking settings of weird exoticism and at anchoring such exoticism with tactile immediacy. A strange tale - as are all the best of Kilworth's stories - rich with invention and thick with succulent atmosphere"
-- Claude Lalumiere

Moby Jack And Other Tall Tales will be available in two hardcover formats, including the deluxe slipcased edition, limited to 200 copies. Visit PS Publishing for full details or pre-order from Amazon.

Also on the short story front, Garry's curious cat tale The Stray will appear in the adult horror anthology, Badass Horror. Published by Dybbuk Press, this too is available to pre-order at Amazon.

13th March 2006

Personal appearances:

Garry will be visiting two schools in St. Albans on 20th March to talk to the students, returning in June for a talk with the adults.

Book news:

Attica, published in the UK on the 9th March, has been further translated for readers in Romania, Korea and the Czech Republic.

The critically acclaimed Navigator Kings trilogy, consisting of The Roof of Voyaging, The Princely Flower and Land-of-Mists, are due for release in France any day now. In hardcover from 'Editions Mnemos' and paperback from 'J'Ai Lu'.

11th February 2006

Personal appearances:

Garry will be in Ottaker's Bookshop in Windsor on the 13th March to talk to 200 schoolchildren about Attica.

Attica, released in the UK on the 2nd March, has now sold into three translations! German, Portuguese and Polish. Garry will attend the Warsaw launch in June.


The juvenile fantasy novel Jigsaw has been delivered to Atom Books. It's set on an island off Borneo and involves the reconstruction of a mythical creature out of pieces of hide recovered from ancient artefacts such as a Zulu shield, a Siberian yurt, animal-skin manuscripts, a sword sheath and a Pawnee drum.

Garry has also been commissioned by Atom Books to write a new novel entitled The Hundred-Towered City, a time-travel story set mostly in 19th Century Prague and involves, among other characters, the Golem and Franz Kafka.

8th January 2006

Attica, will be published by Atom in March 2006. The book is already garnering keen interest, with the film rights being snapped up by Initial Entertainment, the people responsible for such films as THE AVIATOR and THE GANGS OF NEW YORK. Garry is currently writing a follow-up called Jigsaw.

Moby Jack and Other Tall Tales, the collection of short stories from PS Publishing, will be out May 2006. This highly collectable volume, available in three different formats, will contain more than 30 of Garry's diverse stories, as well as an introduction by friend and onetime collaborator Robert Holdstock.

17th December 2005

On Tuesday, December 20, Garry's commisioned story Gifts will be broadcast on the digital radio station BBC Radio 7. The first airing will be 11.30, followed by a second airing at 18.30. The show will also be repeated the following day at 12.30. All times are GMT.

If you do not have access to digital radio, you can stream Radio 7 by going here and clicking on the "listen live" button.

22nd August 2005

Initial Entertainment (Gangs of New York and The Aviator) has purchased the film rights to Attica, a juvenile novel to be published by Atom Books in January 2006.

The BBC has commissioned a short story for radio (along with four other short stories from other authors) to be broadcast at Christmas 2005 - the story is entitled Gifts.

18th June 2005

Corgi have recently published Garry's latest juvenile novel The Silver Claw which features a Venice of the 1700s and a hero otter by the name of Udolphus Beck, an 'unraveller' of plots, puzzles and secrets. There are evil elements in the novel who are plotting the destruction of the ruling council of the city and it is Udolphus's job to uncover the conspirators, thereby thwarting their aims.'

Next January Atom Books will be publishing Attica a novel in which three children set out to cross a continent formed formed in the attic in their own house.

In the same month PS Publishing will be producing a limited edition collection of short stories entitled Moby Jack and Other Tall Tales - all the stories in this volume have previously been published in varies magazines and anthologies, but are brought together under one jacket in a nice neat package.

Short stories have appeared in Don't Turn Out The Light, an anthology by PS Publishing edited by Stephen Jones featuring Garry's story Phoenix Man and Postscripts Magazine edited by Peter Crowther features the story Murders in the White Garden.

Atom Books have commissioned a novel to follow Attica whose working title is Jigsaw. Garry says, 'If I call it a fantasy novel people will expect a certain type of book. (I've done that before and have disappointed readers who have definite expections of the word 'fantasy'). The novel contains adventure and is fantastical in nature, with myth and legend entwining the plot. If you like those ingredients and you do not go to the pages expecting a cosy familiar type of novel which might be under the generic heading of 'Fantasy' in the bookshops, you may find yourselves in a world you both know yet fail to recognise. This is true of most of the 'fantasy' I write, including the forthcoming Attica. I don't do 'same' - I do 'different'.